Advertising Policy

In the interest of transparency and full disclosure:

Tal's Tea Blog employs several methods of advertising. Google Adsense ads are the most frequent, appearing on each page of this blog. We strive to make these ads as relevant and potentially useful as possible (as does Google), but this does not always occur. Please excuse us and our advertisers if you find the content of our adsense ads irrelevant or objectionable.

Tea reviews will include affiliate links if the vendor makes them available. It is our goal to keep these advertisements from being intrusive or affecting the objectivity of the reviews made. If affiliate links are not available, a best effort will be made to provide a regular link to the product being reviewed. While reviewer objectivity is the goal, selection of which products to review is solely up to the discretion of the reviewer.

Tal's Tea Blog currently has advertising agreements with:
Google Adsense
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